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Protecting Product Manufacturing

Nimbus-Key Product ID (NK-PID) Verification

Nimbus-Key PID System for Supply Chain Verification and Security. 

Do Not Use Barcodes. Fraudulent Manufacturing is a Reality!

Bar codes are not enough to protect the fraud of duplication of a product or a batch of products, this is a big problem for both the producer/manufacturer and the consumer since people’s health can be at risk. Financial losses can be significant.

The Solution to this problem is the Nimbus-Key PID, an encrypted QRcode of the manufacturer product ID turned into a url with the encryption information to access the product voyage from manufacturer to customer delivery.  Scan the Nimbus-Key PID and see if that product id was already delivered.  The supply chain interacts with the system to document the journey of the product.  No barcodes, just secure product identity that will stop fraudulent manufacturing.

Our patented Nimbus-Key ID User Identity and Authentication system is focused on employee secure logins to your enterprise system!  Check out and now we are applying the technology to protect product identity. 

With Nimbus-Key PID for product manufacturing, there is encryption on every product and every box so that the product delivery can be scanned and marked as delivered. 

An encrypted Nimbus-Key PID cannot be replicated and will stop fraudulent manufacturers. Let us connect and discuss the development of a secure system for the delivery of your products. 

Protecting your Product Supply Chain 

• Cannabis product NK-PID

• CBD product NK-PID

• Managing the product voyage

• Revolutionary solution

• Integration with your existing systems